Fort Worth AdWords PPC Management

Why Pay-Per-Click?


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) delivers customers to your site from the sponsored links sections of search engines. But all that time building, monitoring, and adjusting AdWords PPC campaigns can be daunting. And are you sure PPC is getting you customers, not just traffic without results?

We can help.

TruClick‘s AdWords PPC Team optimizes your campaigns to get you conversions, not just clicks. Our professionals target your market, your locale, and your customers with constant adjustments. PPC should be an integral part of your local internet marketing, but it doesn’t have to be the most time-consuming with our help.

Remember that…

  • 57% of local merchants rate PPC as one of their best investments
  • 137 billion online searches are conducted each year in the United States
  • PPC is the most specific targeting strategy of any marketing media

Bottom Line

We’re serious about bringing you more customers. Having our AdWords management team organize and run your AdWords Campaign means you’ll spend less time managing your campaigns and more time running your business.

  • Immediate front page exposure potential
  • Constant optimization of your campaigns using advanced tools
  • Emphasis on sales and ROI over traffic, with value based on your goals
  • Immediate adjustments and tailored targeting for deals, special offers, or new services

What it is

TruClick’s Pay-Per-Click (PPC) can place your website on the first page of Google, giving you immediate exposure and faster results. AdWords Pay-Per-Click is the perfect product to start generating customers in less time than traditional marketing. You don’t pay until traffic is delivered to your site.

Already running an SEO campaign? Use PPC to attract clients while your SEO campaign matures. Whichever way you go, Pay-Per-Click is what you’ve been looking for to jump-start your local internet marketing.

Why PPC?

137 billion online searches are conducted annually in the United States—how’s that for market potential? In fact, 57% of local merchants rate PPC as one of their best investments. And with more local searches performed every day, you can take advantage of getting your business in front of your customers online.

How it works

TruClick‘s Google AdWords Campaign specialists target the right keywords and themes for your company to attract customers who are ready to buy. We constantly monitor and adjust your Google AdWords Campaigns based on real-time numbers and your goals, all using our proprietary technology tools.

You Get

  • Isolated keywords and themes specific to your business
  • Campaign adjustments based on incoming numbers and your goals
  • Our Team’s proprietary tools built from scratch to assist professional businesses
  • Our Team’s Partnerships with major search engines to bypass hoop-jumping

FREE Pay-Per-Click (PPC) AdWords Management?

Though it may sound too good to be true, it’s not! We offer Free Basic AdWords Management for our monthly CityGrid and Search Engine Optimization clients! See below for more information.

Advanced Adwords ManagementFREE Adwords ManagementAM Khan

AM Khan

Our Advanced AdWords Team is personally overseen by A.M. Khan to optimize your AdWords campaign in order to get you conversions, not just clicks. Our professionals target your market, your locale, and your customers with constant adjustments.

Our Advanced Plan features:

  • Complete keyword research, market analysis & strategy development.
  • Complete landing page analysis to meet Google Site Quality rules.
  • Creation of tightly grouped ad themes for the Google Search & Display network.
  • Split-testing of multiple ads within your ad groups.
  • Complete banner advertisement creation.
  • Image ads created for you from scratch.
  • Complete placement targeting for specific websites relevant to your offer.
  • Re-marketing campaign development to show your prospects recurring advertising.
  • Mobile ad campaign development for any local businesses and service providers.
  • Frequent bid monitoring, account optimization & monthly activity report.

Advanced AdWords Management

Billed automatically every 30 days.

FREE AdWords Management

Get FREE AdWords Management!

With our FREE AdWords Management Plan (only available with our CityGrid & SEO Plans) we will conduct exhaustive keyword research, create multiple text ads for split-testing and monitor your AdWords campaign. We will target your campaign to your local region for relevant traffic to your website.

Your Free AdWords Management process will be as follows:

  • If you don’t already have a Google AdWords account, we will set one up for you.
  • You will fund your Google AdWords account separately. You will not pay us for your actual campaign spend. You will set your Google AdWords Budget, which is not to exceed $500 for this free offer.
  • We will link our management system to your Google AdWords account.
  • From there, we will conduct keyword research that is relevant to your business.
  • We will write display text ads for your campaigns & test performance.
  • We will provide on-going monitoring and management for your campaign.

To sign-up for FREE AdWords Management, just subscribe to one of our CityGrid Plans or one of our SEO Plans!

AM Khan
AM Khan provides expert Google Adwords management services for all kinds of businesses.

AM Khan has an impeccable track record of helping small businesses become large volume businesses. He has consistently taken medium sized operations and gotten them listed in the Inc 500 fastest growing companies and has even helped large, publicly traded companies assist their shareholders in becoming very profitable.

He is heavily engaged in developing Google AdWords software tools & Google AdWords management programs for business owners worldwide. His name, along with the name of his products, are frequently featured in, referenced in many bestsellers, and are often talked about in business communities all over the world.

Read what others are saying about AM Khan:

I started working with AM Khan earlier this year, where we met in an elite professional search marketing network. Before starting to work together, I did my due diligence on him, and every stone turned revealed more “gold”. He is a very dedicated and professional person, and I appreciate and recognize his unique breadth of experience & detail within his SEM work. He has helped me land more business because of it, as well as provide excellent, ontime, quality services for me and my clients. I would recommend him whole-heartedly.

Jon Rognerud
SEM Editor for ENTREPRENEUR Magazine
Author of “The Ultimate Guide to SEO”

High level return on investment and a level of detail and commitment to Google Adwords & Internet Marketing development that exploded our profit potential. We look forward to many more projects with Kev (A.M. Khan).

Ephren Taylor II
CEO of City Capital Corporation
Stock Symbol: CTCC

A.M. Khan brought down our spending dramatically while increasing our traffic, sales and conversions in a huge way!

Matt Brooks
Vice President of IP Expert