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seoEven in today’s economy, there is one opportunity that can make you prosperous!

Believe it or not, there are industries and strategies that actually thrive in a down economy. When times are bad, smart businesses realize that, rather than retreating, they must invest even more marketing dollars to reach consumers. This has been especially true with online marketing. Businesses of all sizes have begun to realize the need to step up their online marketing efforts.

mlm opportunityDuring the Great Depression, companies that advertised survived & thrived

Evidence shows that marketing was the main factor in either the growth or downfall of companies during the years of the Great Depression. The companies that experienced the most growth and accrued the most sales were those aggressively marketing to their customers. The Great Depression demonstrates the power of marketing even during times of economic crisis. 

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What does this mean for you?MLM Recession Over SEO

There are many sales opportunities today; however, the majority of them ask the consumer to spend and sacrifice on products that are increasingly seen as “luxury” items. In other words, these products may be nice to have, but simply aren’t needed. While there still may be a small market for these types of products, we would strongly urge you to add the following to your arsenal:

  • Products that save the customer money.
  • Products that make the customer money.

 Don’t Sell Products that COST MONEY… Sell Products that MAKE MONEY! 

When you work alongside TruClick as an Independent Representative, you will be reaching out to both small and medium-sized businesses who need help navigating today’s challenges. The down economy has been a wake-up call to most businesses. They know they need to do more, in terms of their marketing, to thrive… but when it comes to marketing online, most business owners don’t know where to begin and, even if they do, they don’t have the time!

CityGrid SEO PPC Website Design

Business owners see the IMMEDIATE BENEFITS of the following products:

  • CityGrid. Put your customers on the largest network of websites catering to local businesses!
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Help your customers to rank at the top of the search and map results for their city and category!
  • AdWords Management. If your customers are currently using Google’s AdWords, show them how they can save money and get better results!
  • Social Media Marketing. With our help, you Clients can harness the power of Twitter, Facebook, and more!
  • SitePressor. Our turbo-charged, SEO-enhanced, fully-featured WordPress designs will give your Customer a huge advantage!

mlm opportunity

When looking for the right sales opportunity, we suggest selling products with the following attributes:

  1. Products that pay residual commissions. Don’t sell products that require constant re-selling. NOTE: We would also add that you should sell products with a somewhat large ticket-price, rather than those with minuscule monthly rates. For example, a product that costs the customer $250 per month as opposed to $25 per month will yield you a much greater commission, by comparison. If your residual commission is only $3.75 per month, you’d likely have to make a ton of difficult  sales over a period of several months just to generate an income you can live off of.
  2. Products that are geared to businesses, rather than individuals & families. The main reason for this suggestion is twofold: (a) businesses are typically more reliable long-term clients (this is important when your commissions are residual); (b) businesses have already budgeted for the product you are selling, whereas families usually have to “fit in” many products to their budgets; (c) when times get tough, families will quickly dump unnecessary expenses, whereas “marketing” always remains an essential item for business success.
  3. Products that comprise a considerable percentage of a business’s already anticipated budget. Again, businesses already include marketing in their budgets (and if they don’t, they are fast realizing that they need to). Therefore, you don’t have to talk these prospects into budgeting for something “new”. You only need to persuade them as to why our product will not only save them money, but will make them money. A residual commission off of a $500 per month product is much more lucrative for you than a commission off of a $25 per month product… and, while you may think it is easier to sell a $25 per month product, it’s not necessarily the case if the following are true: (a) if you are replacing the client’s current marketing product that costs him $1000 with a $500 product; (b) if the $500 creates additional profit for the client; (c) if you realize that you’d have to make 20 sales of the $25 product in order to equal the commission you’d likely make off of one $500 sale!

We would also recommend the following, regarding the compensation plan:

  1. A compensation plan that will fairly reward you for your hard work. Many compensation plans take out a huge percentage of your commission and pay it to people in your upline. bPUBLIC’s compensation plan rewards you first, your direct sponsor second, etc. For example, you make a huge 15% from of every one of your customers!
  2. A compensation plan that provides incentives for you to refer other Sales Reps. There are two reasons for this: (a) you don’t want to refer a Sales Rep who is just going to compete with you; (b) you can make a lot more money if you create a team of Sales Reps that you earn commissions from. With the bPUBLIC plan, you make 4% from every sale made by a personally sponsored Rep!
  3. A compensation plan that focuses your attention on selling products rather than referring other Sales Reps. It’s great to refer Sales Reps, but if the focus of your organization becomes Sales Rep referring, rather than selling products & services, nobody makes any money. We aim to do this by limiting downline levels to 4 deep. This empowers you to create a sales group you can properly motivate to go out and make sales… not a pyramid full of pipe dreams and wishful thinking.
  4. A compensation plan which doesn’t require the MLM component in order to make a living. Most MLM programs really require you to recruit others in order to earn a sizable income. With bPUBLIC’s compensation plan, you never have to refer anyone to your downline in order to be successful. If you simply sell our online marketing services, you can do very, very well!

bPUBLIC MLM Compensation Plan for SEO Services

How’s Our Opportunity Different than Other MLM’s? 

There are many ways bPUBLIC is different than your typical MLM. Here are just a few:

  1. We offer a Great Product / Service that no other MLM is offering. We are differentiated from all of the other MLM’s offering juice, nutrients, telecom service, etc. This isn’t to say that those products aren’t good, only that we are different. Therefore, for those of you currently involved in an MLM program, bPUBLIC is a great complimentary add-on for your current business.
  2. We offer a Product that is desperately needed among small and medium sized businesses. bPUBLIC’s products and services are designed to create prosperity for our clients. These economic times are hard and businesses need our help with online marketing.
  3. We are Product-Centric, rather than Opportunity-Centric. What we mean by that is this: we are far more focused on selling our products and services, rather than our opportunity. In fact, our opportunity is free. Our compensation plan is first and foremost geared toward selling SEO. You’ll never be expected to hold an opportunity meeting and invite your grandma.
  4. Our compensation plan is easy to understand; therefore, it is easy to explain. If you do decide to recruit others to our opportunity, you never have to worry about getting the details wrong when explaining it. This is one of the major stumbling blocks to many network marketing organizations… the products may be good, but no one really understands how to make money! We make things simple and, in this case, simple is better.
  5. We mentioned it before, but it needs to be re-stated: It’s FREE to join! While other opportunities can cost hundreds of dollars, we are free. This means that you can use your money to buy some business cards, or maybe an iPad for some snazzy presentations, and go out to immediately make money with us. And, if you do want to recruit others into your downline, you don’t have to feel guilty asking them to fork over money they may not have!

mlm opportunity

Other SEO Companies Can’t Compare!

With all of this talk about our Opportunity, it may be easy to lose sight of this fact: bPUBLIC is an SEO and Online Marketing organization. The product you are selling is ours. We do the hard work of optimizing a client’s online presence for great rankings. It’s just that, when it comes to marketing, we realize that one of the most powerful marketing methods in existence is network marketing / MLM!

From the beginning, bPUBLIC set out to design a program that would help us reach potential clients, so that we could help their businesses succeed online. Many (if not MOST) of these clients aren’t searching for us online, because they don’t know where to begin. Many don’t even know terms like SEO, PPC, AdWords, etc. We understood that we needed people like yourself to carry our message to them. Some of you will go door-to-door… while others will find interesting ways of reaching them Online, maybe via your own websites, etc. That said, we knew we couldn’t wait for these clients to come to us and we also knew that we couldn’t do it alone!

That’s why we designed bPUBLIC to accommodate a great relationship with our Independent Reps and Affiliates from the very beginning. Our compensation platform wasn’t an after thought, it was built-in from the ground-up. Our Independent Representative Program is integral to our overall business model. Therefore, we look at paying commissions much differently than any other SEO company out there.

A few SEO companies do pay commissions for referrals, but here are the limitations with those programs:

  1. Their Products & Plans are too expensive. Most SEO companies are unaffordable for the average small and medium-sized business. Therefore, your commission on zero sales is… zero!
  2. When you refer a customer, they typically don’t have a way of tracking the referral unless the customer signs up and pays online. With bPUBLIC, ALL sales are processed online (not over the telephone); therefore your sales should never get lost. Add to that fact: we use “lifetime cookies” to track your referrals. If you don’t know what “lifetime cookies” means, that’s okay, we will explain it later.
  3. Once a referral converts to a customer, you are usually out-of-the-loop. You would usually get a one-time commission and be done; however, with the bPUBLIC program, you get recurring on-going commissions, month-after-month, for as long as your referral remains a client. We treat that clients as your referral for as long as they remain with us. If your referred client ever upgrades, your monthly commission goes up. If your referred client ever buys an additional plan or package, you earn commissions for that, as well… for the life of the account! Even if the customer CANCELS his account and signs-up a year later (assuming that he uses the same email address, so we can track it) you will CONTINUE to earn commissions! NOBODY ELSE does that!
  4. We don’t know of any other SEO company that is structured so that you can refer other Independent Reps (or affiliates) and earn residual commissions off of their sales. At least not like we do it. bPUBLIC pays you residual commissions for referral sales that occur as many as 4 levels below you! Help us build a team of Independent Reps and you will be rewarded in ways that other SEO companies can’t even begin to compete with.
  5. We offer more sales tools. Others may provide some banner ads and some flyers, but we provide a full-fledged Back Office with training and comprehensive sales tools. Whether you want to make most of your sales Online or Offline, we’ve got you covered!

 To Summarize: 

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  • A 100% FREE Opportunity!
  • Marketing Products that you can be proud of… that will BENEFIT others financially!
  • Big RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS for your hard work!
  • Big RESIDUAL COMMISSIONS for the sales of your downline.

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