MyLook is giving the Internet a make-up job

If you missed out on the start-up of Yahoo or Google or
other now popular search directories, here is your
ground-floor opportunity to get “in” on MyLook.

Take a Look at MyLook!

MyLook is the new search engine “owned” by it’s users! You!
Me! And everyone else who joins MyLook. How it works is that for
each search that a user does through, that user earns 1 “share” in MyLook.

Based on the amount of shares you own, when dividends are
awarded you will receive a real life money payment based on
the MyLook share value.

MyLook is still very new . Advertising has not yet been
inserted on the site to start basing or paying dividends on. Even so,
the initial estimated value per share is 22 cents. During
this initial promotion, every new user can earn 5 shares
daily (1 share per search) just for using the MyLook search
engine .

For now, this equates to $1.10 per day earnings. Imagine
when the ad revenue starts pouring in and the shares increase
to 10, 50 or even 100 times as much!

Want to earn more shares? Refer others to join you in
MyLook and earn 5 shares plus 20% of their daily searches.
Right now, during this ground-floor opportunity, earning
shares is easily accomplished . It’s free to join! Nearly
everyone searches for something every day, right? So using
MyLook to earn shares and dividends as well only makes
perfect sense.

Grab Your Free Shares Now And Get Paid Forever!!!

True, it remains to be seen how high the dividends become and
when and how they will be paid. Again, this is a brand new
and ground-floor opportunity! You have no investment in
MyLook, other than your time to use the MyLook search
engine and tell others .

Of course you can sit back and wait to see MyLook grow .
But, by then, you will already have missed out on a sizable
portion of the free shares you now have the opportunity to
claim. And, didn’t you do that a few times before?